School Bulk Backpacks

School Bulk Backpacks

SwissGear Will Give an Edge With Quality Backpacks school-bulk-backpacks

Resellers SWISSGEAR.Com now offers our bulk backpacks wholesale. If you’re looking to get the edge on back-to-school or year round school backpack and price is a pain point for you, then SWISSGEAR might have trade relationship that will help move units and make great name for yourself. Our school wholesale bags can customized for just about any business application needs and best of all most of your customers are familiar with the SWISSGEAR brand and will be very excited to outfit their children, teens, and or college students with the best school bag

SWISSGEAR Brand Gives You Highest Quality Backpacks

Why SWISSGEAR brand for school backpacks? We’ll aside from the very professional side to our brand we also have a design team that are producing cool designs that are in demand. We’re also very efficient in our turnaround on custom designs and have solid supply in stock. We have backpacks for preschoolers, girls, boys, and teens. From pink, black, red, blue, brown we have a great selection and application specific assortments. Scroll down below to see just what we can put together in your school whole bag business units.

Bulk Backpacks For School

SWISSGEAR Offers You Immense Value In Wholesale Bidding

As mentioned above, the power in going wholesale means you can customized merchandise solutions to help you in large supply applications for school zones, retailers, and non-profit bidding contracts. In most private schools, the dress code and attires is pre-arranged. This means that you’ll have to have a certain style, type, and or color scheme that fits the school’s demands. Our bulk backpacks for school do more than just meet color, they are very comfortable for students and are multi-functional. Students can organize their book bags in such cool ways they are destined to be a hit during your sales pitch.
SWISSGEAR Wholesale Backpack Benefits

  • Tiered Volume Pricing

  • Flexible Shipping Options

  • Quick Order Processing

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  • Online Exclusive Swissgear 5709 ScanSmart Laptop Backpack - Black
  • Online Exclusive Swissgear 5337 Hybrid Laptop Backpack

    Swissgear 5337 Hybrid Laptop Backpack

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  • Online Exclusive Swissgear 6369 Laptop Backpack - Black
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