A Guide to Shopping for the Right Luggage Set

Having the right luggage set for your travel needs can greatly enhance your next vacation. Luggage features that are important are; weight, wheels/spinners, color, size, and the type of material the luggage is made of. Flying or cruising across the globe requires a secure luggage set that can protect your valuables, a hard shell luggage set is recommended for the long haul. In our guide for shopping for the right luggage set, we'll cover different travel scenarios, and which luggage sets will compliment the type of traveling you're doing.

Hard Shell Luggage Sets
for the Long Haul

When you're planning your next vacation, whether traveling by cruise ship, airplane, or train and you're in need of a new luggage set, you should consider the distance and how often you will be traveling. If you're traveling often, you may want to consider travel insurance. If you really want to avoid travel insurance, make sure to get a hard shell luggage set that can protect your valuables. Your luggage will most likely go through some falls while traveling from destination to destination, so make sure your luggage set is durable.

Hards Shell Luggage sets are not only sturdy, but they are stylish as well. Your luggage will stand out when you're waiting for it to round the carousel at baggage claim. SWISSGEAR luggage comes in many different colors, such as blue, green, black, pink, and gold to name a few.

Did you know you can charge your cell phone and laptop from your hard shell luggage while waiting for your flight, or cruise ship to depart? Yes, with the SWISSGEAR 7272 Energie hard-side luggage collection you can bypass the charging station at the airport and go grab a coffee and catch up on some news while charging your cell phone using the built in USB port on your luggage set. This means you never have to be the lost tourist again, because you'll always be charged up and ready to go.

When you're flying from city to city, or cruising the world, the hardshell luggage set offers the convenience, and protection you'll need for your valuables when you're home away from home. While softside luggage sets can also take the wear and tear, we highly recommend hard shell luggage for avid travelers.

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Spinner Luggage Sets for the Airport

Spinner luggage sets can get you through the airport quickly, especially if you've procrastinated in getting there 2 hours before boarding time. But we know that's not you, and that's why you're here to prepare by shopping for the right luggage set before you go traveling. Spinner luggage comes in both hard shell, and soft shell. Because it's luggage that can be rolled in any direction, you really don't have to worry about packing lots of clothes, and other belongings because you'll be able to roll your luggage from the parking lot, airport drop off right to your boarding lane. There are many benefits to having a spinner luggage set, the maneuverability allows you to roll your luggage beside you, instead of behind you. Find luggage sets on sale today and be prepared for your next voyage.

You can also attach a backpack, or duffel bag ontop of your luggage as well and roll both around at the same time. Airport aisles are built for zipping through the crowd easily with a spinner luggage set.

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Luggage Sets for Traveling with the Entire Family

Travel in style when traveling with the family, we'll help you find the right luggage set for your upcoming trip. Luggage sets are better priced when buying an entire set and can always be used when you're not traveling with the family. Smaller luggage can be used for quick weekend getaways or a business trip out of town for a couple of days. You can also find kids luggage sets as well if you'd like to get the little ones a more stylish piece.

Lets cover why it's important to get a luggage set for the entire family. It's not just for style and unison, but for each family member to easily identify his or her luggage. Often times, people can mistake each others luggage, but if you have a luggage set for the family and each piece of luggage is sitting by each other, and marked with a distinctive luggage tag, someone in the family is bound to recognize it and claim it before someone else does. The SWISSGEAR logo stands out amongst generic brand luggage, and is often considered one of the best travel luggage sets to travel with because of its well known reliability and durability.

You don't want to start your vacation off with missing luggage, so ensure that you buy the right luggage set for your family.


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Carry on Luggage for a Quick Getaway

Packing for a last minute trip can get one's adrenalin rushing, especially with time ticking, carry on luggage may be your best bet. You don't want to over pack for a quick getaway, so packing lightweight, and carrying some extra out fits for the just in case should get you through your vacation. The best luggage for carry on option is either a soft side carry on, a travel backpack, or a duffel bag. Either one should work for a quick getaway, but if you plan on buying some gifts while on vacation, you may want to go with the soft side luggage or backpack to have some extra room.

Don't be caught trying to pack a vintage suitcase for a quick getaway, make sure you have a carry on available. Either way, with the right carry on luggage, you'll be set to enjoy your next vacation!

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