2359 JEWEL
For Women With Organized Style

This deep purple SwissGear crossbody bag tends to active ladies who fancy superb yet simple organization. With its streamlined polyester body, it is an everyday pack ready for various activities. Its spacious main compartment can easily carry a day’s worth of essentials – be they gym gear or work files. For those seeking some extra order to their routine, a special front pouch holds a slew of dividers for pens, cards and little gadgets like memory drives. Not only does this bag possess a flair for arrangement, it exhibits a sporty yet chic sensitivity that brings some style and fun to a busy day.

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For Ladies Who Love Packing

Space-saving packing is an art form and a group of awe-inspiring women excel at it. SwissGear packing cubes cater to those packing experts and enable others to reach their level of aptitude. Built of durable polyester fabric, the 13" cubes easily accommodate small to mid-sized travel necessities. Mesh tops spread like protective webs on top of the load – be it pressed blouses or leather flats – allowing for both visibility and breathability. Designed to reduce wrinkles and maximize space, the cubes are ideal for women who know how to travel comfortably and stylishly.

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7669 13" PACKING
7669 13 inch Packing Cube - SMALL
Swissgear Travel Pillow
For Women Who Cherish Travel Comfort

For those women who know the throes of regular travel only too well, SwissGear offers a snug solution – its convertible travel pillow. This worm-like pillow offers the ultimate comfort regardless of the mode of travel. It is constructed of dual, wear-resistant polyester and spandex cover that houses a soft filling. An adjustable strap turns the worm-like bolster into an U-shaped headrest that protects the neck. A versatile pillow, it is a treat to any self-respecting lady with a busy travel schedule.

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Swissgear 6752 ScanSmart Backpack
For Ladies on the Go

Rather than packing a bag with my work necessities, this backpack can be filled with the essentials for adventures like the park, playground or any of the wonderful activities out on the town. This bag is spacious with tons of compartments to keep your electronics safe from potentially leaky bottles and the like. It’s super cozy on your back and has plenty of space for everything you might need this a fun day out. Maybe sneak in some work with its fully padded laptop and tablet compartment. For ladies on the go, the SWISSGEAR 6752 backpack accommodates all needs.

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Swissgear 6752 ScanSmart Backpack
Swissgear 2310 Padded Laptop Sleeve
Swissgear 2310 Padded Laptop Sleeve
For Women Who Dote on Their Laptops

More so than men, women cherish their laptops – the command centers of their universe. Hence the need to protect – almost coddle – them. With its 2310 Padded Laptop Sleeve, SwissGear knows how precious laptops can be, offering ultimate security. Designed of flaring red, durable polyester fabric, the sleeve accommodates most 15’’ laptops in its padded and zippered main compartment. A front slip pouch has enough room for a power cord and adapter. A removable shoulder strap in subdued gray contrasts with the attention-piquing body, while allowing comfortable carry. For those ladies who wish to have their hands free, though, a simple sliding mechanism lets them strap the sleeve to the pull handle of most upright cases. Loving on one’s laptop can be that easy

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For Women Intent on Max Security

Travel is not only a challenge for the body. It is a major risk for valuables like personal documents, money and cards, especially for ladies. SwissGear, how-ever, has them covered with its double pocket money belt. Sleek and slen-der, the belt features two zippered pockets that can hug waistlines of up to 45’’. Tucked under the clothes, the pouch is virtually invisible, providing maxi-mum security for one’s most needed items. Made of tear-resistant polyester, the belt feels cool and soft against the skin. Its best feature yet is its simple upkeep – soap and water will do it – that ensures a years-long lifespan.

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Swissgear Double Pocket Money Belt
Swissgear 7636 Geneva Luggage
Swissgear 7636 Geneva Luggage
For Women Who Love To Travel

Rendered in purple and apricot the SWISSGEAR 7636 Female Geneva collection is for ladies that do not shy away from attention. Aside from its bold exterior, this collection boasts an internal design that would delight any serial weekender. Made of high-quality nylon, it features a shoe pocket, a quilted cinch laundry bag, a removable waterproof cosmetic bag and several organizer departments. Pick up additional items for your closet as this carry-on expands up to 1.5 inches to accommodate new wardrobe pieces.

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