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Once a small fishing village, Amsterdam has grown into a prominent port metropolis, the Netherlands' commercial capital as well as one of Europe's top financial hubs. With its latticework of 17th-century canals and seemingly endless arrays of lovely homes, Amsterdam blends historic enchantment with modern amusement.

This unique mix, oozing from the city's core to its suburbs, creates what the Dutch call "gezellig" – a warm, convivial sense that time has halted, perpetuating the here and the now. It is a feeling that is easy to give into but hard to part with; a feeling that draws tourists to return to Amsterdam year after year after year.

Succumbing to the allure of one of Europe's most refined, liberal and eclectic cities, however, requires special luggage. With its square, polished construct, SWISSGEAR 6572 collection has the looks and features to match Amsterdam's charm and withstands its urban ordeals. Hoisted on eight 360-degree spinner wheels, the set breezes through airports and easily rolls through Amsterdam's cobblestone streets. Encased in a durable polycarbonate hardshell, this SWISSGEAR line is to gracefully brace a quick toss in one of the city's many canal boats, while keeping its contents safe with an intuitive storage organization and tie-down straps.

Available in three sizes of 18.5 and 27 inches, the limited edition 6572 set caters to any travel wants. The lightweight carry-on, easily maneuverable thanks to a locking telescopic handle, invites a quick, adventure-filled escapade to Amsterdam, while offering ample packing space to bundle for the precarious weather of the "Kingdom of the Low Countries." It also allows for unmatched security, bolstered by a TSA-approved combination lock. For lengthier stays, the larger suitcase blend the adroitness of a ruck and the organization of, well, a wardrobe. With a construction that eases airport hassles and accommodates garments and necessities to last for weeks, the 27-inch spinners can carry enough to make you want to settle in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam is a town of museums. No visit to the city would be complete without a stop at one of its many magnificent edifices of history and culture at the Museum Square. The Dutch national museum Rijksmuseum harbors artifacts that relay the creative, political and economic past of the tiny country.

Only a few blocks away, the Van Gogh Museum boasts the world's largest collection of works by the renowned 19th-century Dutch painter. The nearby Hermitage Amsterdam, a branch of Russia's State Hermitage Museum, stages exuberant exhibits, culled from its three-million-piece home trove.

Another impressive museum is the Anne Frank House. Today, the abode, which sheltered Anne Frank and her family during the German occupation in World War II, weaves Anne's story into the horrifying narrative of the mid-last century.

Exploring history through the evolution of a rather every-day item, the Museum of Bags and Purses, replete with over 4000 bags, offers a display that ladies are for sure to appreciate. Men, though, should not fret, as Amsterdam has a diversion that will entice them. The Heineken Experience gives a behind-the-scenes taste of one of the world's most popular beers. The journey through the brand's history and its brewing process, tapped off with beer sampling, leaves many giddy.

Although not the administrative capital of Holland (this distinction goes to The Hague), Amsterdam has no shortage of buildings where "important" matters happen. One such attraction is the Royal Palace of Amsterdam, one of the three residences of the Dutch monarch, which often hosts official receptions. Equally splendid is the Old Church, the oldest building in the city that serves as the venue for both religious and cultural gatherings.

When it comes to activities, Amsterdam has plenty to keep visitors busy. Biking and boating are the big two that ought not to be missed. The Dutch love to pedal – it is both a good exercise and a refreshing hobby. When not cycling, boating through the city's grid of canals is the way to go. A multitude of bike and cruise tours allow tourists to explore the city's sites, best eateries and the coolest hangout spots.

On a bike or boat, there is one neighborhood that summons tourists with its unexcelled atmosphere. Some of Amsterdam's hippest venues belong to the De Pijp neighborhood, or the city's Latin Quarter. A fusion of cultures, the district flaunts typical Amsterdam pubs, shops and restaurants as well as the Netherlands' largest street market, Albert Cuypmarkt.

The perfect retreat after a day of sightseeing, The Vondelpark is an attraction in itself. Sprawling over 47 hectares of lush greenery and lazy ponds, the park welcomes over 10 million visitors a year to its relaxed ambience, conducive of picnicking and, well, people watching. During the summer, the park morphs into a free open-air theatre. When it comes to plays, though, the Royal Theatre Carre is steadily rising into the international limelight. With its imposing architecture and talented troupe, it is luring in ever growing crowds.

Revel in Exquisite Dutch Fare

In 2015, according to the Het Parool newspaper, four new restaurants cropped up in Holland every week. Today, Amsterdam is reassuringly and deservingly claiming its spot among Europe's top culinary capitals. Gastrobars are beloved. And so are burger joints, brunch establishments and coffee shops.

Those with a sweet tooth can indulge at the local-favorite Patisserie Kuyt, whose pies, cakes, biscuits and chocolates are the city's finest. Gerbroeders Niemejer is another bakery that has won over the Dutch's palates. It serves delicious croissants and coffee that make up an exquisite French-style breakfast.

To get a taste of Amsterdam's finest dining head to Merkelbach, whose spectacular 18th-century coach house and garden enhance the meals, prepared according to the tenets of the slow-food movement. Despite its less mesmerizing venue, an industrial-looking nook in the center of the city, Guts and Glory features an equally mouth-watering menu, which, for periods of two to three months, is devoted to a single ingredient or style – from chicken to vegetarian to Italian. Another restaurant that constantly upgrades its offerings is the relatively new Choux, which complements its foods with an excellent selection of natural wines.

While Choux's vinos easily prompt a warm buzz, it is the establishment's location that creates a hanker for ceaseless exploration. Overlooking a railroad and a canal, it hints at a variety of travel possibilities. What a better venue to end a day of discovering Amsterdam and to plan the next adventure. Be it in the city or in the Dutch countryside, SWISSGEAR will make the trip comfortable, simple and memorable.