The Joys of Holiday Travel

Holiday travel can become frustrating at times. But for those that make the annual pilgrimage to the family home, it is expected to be delayed at some point in your trip. So you’re caught asking what to do with a 40 minute or 4 hour delay…

Traveling through airports and train stations, we take on this nomadic visage. Splitting up into pockets of open space, we are temporary tribesmen; hungry migratory birds wrapped up in down jackets.

Most folks pass the time huddled on the floor around an electrical outlet with strangers, white wires connecting them to the outside. And then there is the family with small children that have sectioned off airport seating with their totes and kid’s backpacks, creating a makeshift play pen for their little ones. As any parent knows, it is difficult to predict the mood so you must be prepared.

A sudden gate change may trigger panic at the announcement board. The well dressed lady teetering in high heels, overpowered by her carry-on luggage. The elderly couple, looking a little lost, as they’ve parked themselves closest to the attendants desk sure not to miss an announcement. And the youthful counterparts, college students clad in various backpacks, tugging on shoulder straps.

Wi-Fi connections have become a savior for practically anyone of any age. Kids get to watch cartoons on an iPad while mom browses Facebook. Everyone is on Instagram. In that respect you need to travel with a gadget, a coveted tablet, laptop or Smartphone to help you pass the intervals between destinations. Now to transport our gadgets safely is another issue. While our smart phones seem to never leave our hands, tablet and laptops need to be quickly stowed away in a case that is both soft and sturdy. Even if you don’t travel through airports that often, a ScanSmart backpack is an excellent choice because it is easy to use and reliable. If you tend to pack a laptop and a tablet – then go for a ScanSmart backpack with a floating tablet pocket. The pocket is centered in the panel, away from the edges of the bag so as to avoid any dings.

There are a lot of features that fit your needs. We try to think of all the ways a person may use their backpack and incorporate versatility into each style. There are some features you may not realize you had a need for. For example, the molded eyeglass pocket in the 6968 backpack is one feature that we seen to come in handy. That rigid pocket is not just for eyeglasses, you can use it to store your phone or camera. SWISSGEAR understands the need to adapt.