Pack like a Pro

Whether you’re preparing for a weekend getaway or a long adventure, packing can seem like a daunting task. Luckily, packing all your essentials into your luggage isn’t as hard as it seems. Check out the following tips and you’ll be packing like a pro in no time!

Begin With the Bulk

Shoes and any other heavy or bulky items such as hairdryers or extra purses should be packed at the bottom of your luggage. Doing this is essential if you want to keep your clothing crisp and fresh as putting the heavier items on top can compress your clothes causing unnecessary wrinkles. Try placing the items into your bag in different configurations until you’ve found the best way to fit everything in. The goal is to maximize the space you have, and the best way to do that is to take advantage of every last inch or empty space.

Once you’ve figured out where you’re going to pack each of these bulky items, fill your shoes and extra purses with small items such as jewelry, gloves, and belts, and put them back into your suitcase. Tuck additional small items including socks and underwear into all the nooks, crannies, and edges you can find between these items so you don’t waste even a millimeter of precious space.

Don’t Forget to Fold and Roll

A great way to minimize wrinkles and maximize space is to fold and roll as many of your clothing items as you can. This tactic is usually best for T-shirts and pants. For T-shirts, carefully fold the shirts in half with the arms together, then fold the arms in so that the shirt becomes a long rectangle. Once you have the shirt folded, start rolling from the bottom up to the top. For pants, after folding the legs together length wise, you should roll them from the top to the bottom.  

Products That Need Extra Care

Fragile items and personal care products should be packed in their own padded fabric case or something similar. Place these items at the center of your luggage so they’re cushioned by clothes on all sides. If you’re packing anything that could potentially make a mess, such as makeup, perfume, or creams; be sure to seal the containers tightly and keep them in closable plastic bags for extra protection. If you’re flying with liquid or gel personal care products make sure you either place them in your checked bag or transfer these items into travel sized containers, and then store all these items in a clear plastic bag so they can remain in your carry-on luggage.

Topping It Off

You luggage should be topped off with any clothing made of delicate, lightweight fabrics that wrinkle easily, such as silk, linen, satin, and thin cotton. You may want to consider taking the extra precaution of wrapping the most delicate of these items in tissue paper and layering them between other garments to protect them from damage. In addition to your delicate fabrics, your suits should be placed in the upper portion of your bag as well, unless your luggage includes an attached garment bag.

The final, and most important tip, is to make sure that you don’t over pack. If you need to jump on your suitcase to get it closed, or if you have a hard time zipping it shut because clothes are poking through, your clothes will be wrinkled when you arrive at your destination. To help avoid this unfortunate situation try and pack specifically for the trip you are taking. Plan different outfits for your each planned event of your trip. This will also help you save time and effort in getting ready for whatever adventure you have planned. Happy packing!!!