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New York City

Has long been infamous for its unrequited love between city dweller and city. But its various cultures, unique boroughs and diverse population make it a melting pot for travelers and foodies all over the world. And still, every year, it enchants young, bright-eyed artists and entrepreneurs to stake their roots in the City of a million possibilities.

For that highly anticipated, up-and-coming NYC trip, make sure you travel equipped with SWISSGEAR 7208 Expandable Liteweight Spinner Luggage. A sleek softshell collection, these 29”, 24”, and 20” bags come in a vibrant monotone color palette. Featuring a 1.5” expandable interior, two front pockets, a large interior mesh pocket, removable wet bag, and tie-down clothing straps, this bag is light enough to glide through the JFK airport but durable enough to handle the City’s fast-paced persona.

Mix and match colors for a unique luggage collection or choose each bag in the same color bracket for a classic look. Once your luggage collection has arrived, zip open your luggage and get ready to explore one of the most popular cities in the world.

To blend into the NYC hustle, you’ll definitely need to bring plenty of clothes to brace the weather, shoes, travel-sized essentials, and a daypack. Pack jeans, t-shirts, button ups, dresses, accessories, and jackets or cardigans inside the 29” luggage’s large silhouette. Load electronics, such as your camera gear, laptop, iPad, and your favorite daypack or tote in the 24” luggage. Organize your sandals, sneakers or boots (depending on the season), and travel-size essentials inside the 20” carry-on.

Now that your items are organized, it’s time to take off to the Empire City.

Perhaps, one of the most well-known neighborhoods of Queens is Long Island City. Make this the first stop on your tour guide of Queens. Becoming one of New York City’s most attractive art scenes, this neighborhood is home to PS1, which is the Museum of Modern Art’s Queens outpost, and the Socrates Sculpture Park—an outdoor gallery and studio that sits beneath the Manhattan skyline. Grab your camera and sneakers to journey through this neighborhood, stopping at every artsy crevice to capture it on your device.

As a transportation borough connecting the JFK International Airport to parts of NYC, this transit community is a cultural hub for Jamaican, Caribbean, Bangladesh, Nigerian, and Sri Lankan immigrants. For an immersive experience of ethnic cuisines, visit and eat at local bakeries and restaurants that offer authentic dishes. Local spots such as Sybil’s Bakery and Restaurant, and Anita’s Roti Shop offer delicious curry stews and Indian roti flat breads served with spiced meats, and Trinidadian curried chickpea doubles.

Walk off your stuffed appetites and head over to Jamaica Avenue to stumble upon an alluring red and yellow theater that represents the catalyst for Queens’ evolution. The Afrikan Poetry Theatre has been a mainstay of the community since the 1970s, offering open mic nights, writing and poetry workshops, youth programs, musical showcases, dance classes and history lectures.

After indulging in the cultural smorgasbord of Jamaica, Queens, walk or catch an Uber to the Rockaways for beachside relaxation to end your introduction to the City.

Before opening the curtains to expose different worlds of NYC, venture to Queens other enclaves such as Flushing, Forest Hills, and Jackson Heights—integral parts of the borough's cultural heritage.

The northernmost of NYC’s five boroughs, the Bronx is characterized by its art deco buildings, the Grand Concourse, the New York Yankees, and of course - music.

For this trip, unpack your daypack or tote from beneath the tie down straps in your SWISSGEAR carry-on luggage and inflate it with your travel-sized EDC items stored in the large mesh compartment.

Ping pong between neighboring attractions, the Bronx Zoo and the New York Botanical Gardens, for breathtaking views of diverse living landscapes, and plant sculptures as well as an immersive experience of wildlife within its many habitats.

In South Bronx, the Grand Concourse runs through many neighborhoods, revealing much of the borough’s history and evolution throughout the decades. Art Deco apartment buildings, the Bronx Museum of the Arts, and the Bronx Documentary Center paints a multicultural story of the Grand Concourse’s history. Hip-hop music tours guide people through the landmark of the birth of a musical revolution that continues to influence and capture history.

Other attractions and museums in the Bronx includes Wave Hill, a culinary tour of Arthur Avenue or the heartbeat of Bronx’s Little Italy, Yankee Stadium, and a tour of Edgar Allan Poe’s ominous cottage.

After a day of reminiscing about the break-dance, turn-table era of music, venture to Manhattan and discover what shapes the influential City.

Home to many of the City’s most notable attractions, such as Central Park, the Empire State Building, The Statue of Liberty, Times Square and Broadway, Manhattan is a seductive place full of charming neighborhoods and cultural nuances.

Whether hitting up a swanky restaurant in its posh Meatpacking District or seeking retail therapy in the shopping district, SOHO, unstrap a button-down shirt and fitted pants or a sun dress or blouse from beneath the main compartment of your luggage for an all-day venture of the City. Ladies, pull out your makeup bags and delicate rose-scented perfume from the front pockets of your carry on. Gentlemen, grab shave cream, razors and hair pomade for a striking tour of Manhattan.

Comprised of many ethnic neighborhoods, plush green parks, and avant-garde venues, walk through the streets of Manhattan and witness a different urban setting at the turn of a street or avenue. Stroll through Central Park and emerge into a natural oasis of sparkling bodies of water, a beautiful Mall of vibrant halo American Elm trees, and the romantic Loeb Boathouse ambiance.

Take a guided tour of Wall Street and wander to Liberty Island, where the symbol of freedom and perseverance protrudes in the midst of the New York Harbor. Stop at the Twin Towers and the 9-11 monument and pay homage to the victims of the nation’s most heinous terrorist attack. A heavy presence of surreal tragedy will seem to infiltrate the atmosphere, thick with recollection of those intense moments. But, as you glide across the harbour and into the presence of Lady Liberty, her teal stature point toward the sky with a burning torch, igniting her glow of liberty.

Afterwards, visit Harlem and East Harlem, where Italian, Puerto Rican and African-American culture is embedded in its food, street art and iconic venues, such as the Apollo Theatre. Learn more about Asian and Italian cultures by visiting their neighborhood implants of Chinatown, Koreatown and Little Italy. Enjoy happy hour and succulent bites in Hell’s Kitchen. Peruse through Chelsea and marvel at the modern art galleries and the High Line, a park built on an abandoned elevated railroad track. Or spend the entire day mesmerized by the flashy lights, shopping stores, and the eclectic culture of Times Square.

Cross Over Brooklyn Bridge and Enter Its Hipster Vibe

What better way to prepare for Brooklyn than with a casual outfit and sneakers. Fluff your shorts, jeans, or romper from your carry-on and accessorize with your favorite accessories tucked in your luggage’s front compartment.

Brooklyn has become the core neighborhood for young hipsters living in the City. Its vintage architect, contemporary art galleries, Victorian brownstones, and popular attraction sites like Prospect Park and Coney Island has become a land mine for tourists and NYC natives alike.

Its high-end epicenter, Williamsburg, is a hub for live Indie music, charming restaurants, and a thriving nightlife scene. During the summer, residents gather at waterfront flea markets and giant food bazaars to sample whimsical food truck fare and decadent treats.

Meanwhile, Flatbush houses one of the City’s most diverse populations. Its Jamaican, Caribbean, Pakistani, Latino and African-American communities shape the neighborhood’s frame. Yet, the juxtaposition of its Dutch past has left a residue of history within its old, picturesque landmarks, which is told by the romanesque features of the 18th-century Flatbush Reformed Church.

Walk along Brooklyn Height’s vintage, cozy neighborhood; take selfies with an iconic Nathan’s hotdog or light, crispy funnel cake and feel the thrill of the Cyclone roller coaster on Coney Island; gaze at flourishing gardens and historic exhibits in Crown Heights; eat your way through Irish and Asian cuisine on Sunset Park’s bustling streets; and enjoy conversation or people watching in Red Hook while staring at the tranquil, rolling waves of the New York Harbor.

Staten Island: Experience a Small Town in the Big City

Unpack your bathing suits and shorts from the removable wet bag and take a free ride on a crawling ferry to land in Staten Island. This quaint borough is best known for its museums, beaches, historic landmarks, and the City’s largest forest preserve.

Once you hop off the ferry, head to the sandiest neighborhoods of Staten island, South Beach and Midland Beach. Home to one of the City’s largest fishing piers, the Ocean Breeze fishing pier, plan for a full day of coastal amusement along its 2.5-mile boardwalk and small amusement park.

After sculpting sand castles and wadding in the cool, salty water, grab a bite to eat in Little Sri Lanka. Snuggled by the Staten Island Ferry terminal is this gem of authentic food and baked goods. Sample roti, and sambals, and let your taste buds succumb to the Island’s robust, flavorful cuisine.

Transport back to the colonial era in one of NYC’s oldest neighborhoods, Richmond Town; Unwind along New York Harbor in Randall Manor; and visit the historic district of St. George, uprooting culture at the Staten Island Museum and its rustic 19th-century buildings. End your trip with one of NYC’s most quintessential pastimes, a baseball game at the ballpark, and sit around natives and old-timers who’ve all helped to migrate and merge their culture into the sprawling city.