Traveling Light

Going smaller seems to be the new trend from wallets to handbags. We are starting to downsize according to Bloomberg Business Fashion. The Luggage Industry is expanding their variety of sizes for the consumers who are traveling with less instead of more. Which is a good thing since the Airlines lack of space in the overhead compartments are filling up fast.

As our lives become more mobile and electronics get smaller so does our need for the bags and purses that we want to carry them in. The size of our luggage may need to stay the same but fortunately for us what we require to carry on the plane is becoming smaller and more manageable.  Consumers are looking for an affordable smaller travel bag to meet their needs.  Smaller phones, laptops and iPads are becoming the necessity and women are carrying wristlet wallets instead of big purses or handbags.

Keeping up with affordable trends in quality and design is easy to do for SWISSGEAR. SWISSGEAR is known for combining their trusted quality with intelligently designed luggage creating a remarkably functional affordable resource for the travel industry. With such a vast variety of luggage and bags that SWISSGEAR has to offer, there seems to be a bag to fit everyone’s lifestyle.

From the SWISSGEAR 1092 Vertical Travel Bag to the 1805 Mini Messenger Bag/Black, you can travel in style and not have so much baggage to lug around with you.