What’s all the chatter on 6752?

There has been a wave of chatter regarding the SWISSGEAR 6752 Scansmart Laptop Backpack. Since this bag was discovered, there have been giveaways, contests and write ups about it. This product has only been on the market for about a year. You would think it would cost more. The price just does not compare to its quality and features. Between the compartments, space and organizer pockets specifically designed for feature that were lacking with other bags, it has become by far a favorite to those who do a wide range of traveling.

Consumers who do extensive traveling have bought the SWISSGEAR 6752 Backpack and have claimed that they have gone through several laptop bags over the years. After purchasing a SWISSGEAR 6752 Backpack, it still looks barely used just after 2 years and are very happy with this product. And others have said that for its price and durability it is hard to beat. The Scansmart TSA Friendly bag helps you get through the airport security scanning process faster by laying flat on the X-ray machines. Consumers really enjoy not having to take out all their belongings and having to repack everything at the airports. Especially when they are in a hurry. There is definitely a reason for all this chatter, for the quality, convenience and price it is hard to compete!