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Space Saver Bags

Save more room inside your luggage and backpack with these easy to use and clear bags that can be drastically enable you to store more clothes in your suitcase and establish more wardrobe options in your suitcases. Many customers that have purchased the space saver bags have reported being able to fit a weeks work of clothes in their luggage cases with ease. Even with bulkier cloths like sweaters and a jacket. In some cases users were able to pack three extra pair of shoes and gifts.

Space Saving Bag

So How Do The Space Saver Bags Work?

The SWISSGEAR compression bags are not vacuumed pumped or sucked out by a device. Instead what you're going to do is push-out-all-the-air by rolling and pushing down to force the air out. There's an air valve at the base of the bag that gets the air out and enables you to also at the same time, seal the bag. These bags are ideal for these types of clothes:

  • Sweaters
  • Jackets
  • Puffy Coats
  • Blankets
  • Pillows
  • and many others
You never thought you could ever store so much in a suitcase before? There are other applications you can use to. Let's say your on a return trip and you don't want to have your old clothes mixing in with your new ones or let's say you have wet towels or clothes. You can separate these clothes and boom problem solved.

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Buying a space saver bag comes with one large bag and three medium sized bags. These are airtight and watertight construction. Know that these bags are reusable and easy to wipe clean or rinse.

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