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Bulk Backpacks Florida


Searching for a quality and reliable supplier for bulk backpack applications? SWISSGEAR now offers resellers of all types the support you need to bring true value to your customers. What set's us apart from other backpacks distributors is that we stand behind a TRUSTED brand name! There are many suppliers that are unable to offer the edge you need to be competitive in any contract bid; carry the SWISSGEAR name and you'll standout and add more value than the competition.

Wholesale Backpacks Florida

If you are considering SWISSGEAR as your go to source and have doubts about your profits; don't! We have a very robust wholesale pricing system. Essentially, the more business development you can spring together, the better your price will be. Why ever consider paying retail for SWISSGEAR or other brand name and shrink your margins? In the end, we're here to make a relationship with you and help you move units and become a trusted source for all sorts of custom backpack business initiatives. Go ahead give us a call today, we have a representative waiting to learn more about what your bulk backpack application requires. Call us at (405) 607-9477 and become a partner with SWISSGEAR!

Reseller Wholesale Bulk Backpacks

Discover The Added Benefits

As mentioned above, the power in going wholesale means you can customize solutions to help aid a wide array of customers like small businesses in embroidery business, corporations for branding inits, and also back to school programs. There are so many different types of backpack selling applications out there and what you need is POWER. Here are some of the benefits of using SWISSGEAR as your go to distributor:

  • Tiered Volume Pricing

  • Flexible Shipping Options

  • Quick Order Processing

10 Item(s)


    SWISSGEAR 6752 ScanSmart TSA Laptop Backpack

    color out of stock
  • Swissgear 1900 Black Series ScanSmart Backpack

    Swissgear 1900 ScanSmart TSA Laptop Backpack

    color out of stock
  • online exclusive SWISSGEAR 5755 Scansmart
  • online exclusive SWISSGEAR 6393 ScanSmart Backpack
  • online exclusive Swissgear 6392 Scansmart Backpack - Black
  • online exclusive SWISSGEAR 5358 USB Scansmart Backpack

    SWISSGEAR 5358 USB Scansmart Backpack

    color out of stock
  • online exclusive SWISSGEAR 5709 18.5" Scansmart
  • online exclusive Swissgear 5963 Scansmart Backpack
10 Item(s)